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Licenses – Buy one Get on Free – all products

You get 2 Licenses per purchase per user for a home pc and work pc for example. Please send in your NinjaTrader machineid so we can allocate a permanent license.

14 day free trial – Returns Policy

14 Day free trial, after which purchases non refundable and final if you decide to purchase. No returns after license is created and assigned.

Technical Support

Provided by the developer and real deal traders at MicroTrends – support email to: [email protected]  or send us a message via the contact form

what/who is is a service provided by MicroTrends ltd- the idea is to provide traders of all levels with simple, 1 item or small packs of trading tools for NinjaTrader –  MicroTrends website also provides large packs of free NinjaTrader indicators and free NinjaTrader automated trading systems and the best NinjaTrader Algorithmic Automated Trading Strategies For more info visit the about page

NinjaTrader Trade Platform

All products require the NinjaTrader Platform to be installed, version 7 or 8 see here to get your NinjaTrader free trade platform

Installation of your products

  • Installation guidance and listing
  • Download the file from your purchase order link, then import into NinjaTrader.
  • Import into NinjaTrader7 via the NT7 Control Center > File >  utilities > Import NinjaScript Assembly
  • A temporary license will be allocated when you import your product into NinjaTrader- if not please refresh the chart.

Licenses – Allocation

Please send in your NinjaTrader machineid for up to two machines so we can allocate a you a permanent license.

1. A temporary license will be allocated when you import your product into NinjaTrader- if not please refresh the chart.  If you get a message

Sometimes there is an erroneous popup message from NinjaTrader – you may find 2 message boxes 1 behind the other.  It is simple to remedy: Please click ok to close the popup message box “warning about firewalls and not being able to connect etc..” Now look for the other Message Box – this has details about the product and your NinjaTrader Machine ID which we need to allocate.

2. With the second popup message box please read it and click “send mail” or copy and paste the entire message here.


3.Please send in the name of the product and your NinjaTrader machineid:

Yoo u can get your machineid from here:
How to obtain the NinjaTrader Machine ID
control center > Help > About

Please can you copy and paste it as text so we do not make a mistake with entering it.
You can select the text with you mouse – then right click and copy – then past it here with a right click > paste

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NinjaTrader 8 Help Guides